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Clean Lines, Natural Materials, And Minimalism

Our Story

LaLampa is a contemporary Nordic European design lighting brand, born in 2008. We design, produce, and sell modern lamps for living, retail, and workspaces. For our decorative lighting designs, we use the finest Baltic linen. It is a highly durable and sustainable material with a noise-reducing function.

Illuminate Harmonious Living

Our mission as a lighting company is to add character to any space where there is light. LaLampa is our message to the world, showing that the perfect lighting is inclusive and holds an identity.

Closer To Nature

While searching for design inspiration, we dwelled in Nordic landscapes – deep woods, rich flora, and rough weather. We found that whenever there is sufficient light, nature blossoms. As part of natural processes, we also want to give people the light they need.

Company Owner

+371 291 204 04

+371 291 204 04